First cash dispenser
Barclays Bank
英国 (Barclays Bank,Enfield,Middlesex)
The world's first cash dispenser was installed at Barclays Bank, Enfield, Middlesex, UK, on 27 June 1967.  

Invented by John Shepherd-Barron and developed by De La Rue, customers were issued paper vouchers which they fed into the machine which retained the voucher and dispensed a single £10 ($28) note.  Within a year of Barclays' introduction of cash dispensers, there were machines installed in France, Sweden and Switzerland.  In 1969, both the USA and Japan installed their first machines.


From Getty Images:

English actor Reg Varney (1916 - 2008) makes the first withdrawal from a Barclaycash machine, at the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank, 27th June 1967. The Enfield Barclaycash is the world's first automatic cash dispensing machine. (Photo by B. Marshall/Fox Photos/Getty Images)