Shortest man living (mobile)
Edward Niño Hernandez
72.1 centimetre(s)
哥伦比亚 (Bogotá)

The shortest man living (mobile) is Edward Niño Hernandez (Colombia, b. 10 May 1986), who measured 72.1 cm (2 ft 4.38 in) tall, in Bogotá, Colombia, on 29 February 2020.

Edward is a reggaeton, merengue, and vallenato dancer.

When he was born, his parent went to the doctor to do medical studies, but none of them helped them to find out what was happening. After 20 years, they discovered his medical condition. As of today, he consumes a medicine called tyrosine (tirosina in Spanish) that helps him regulating his metabolism, thus, regulating his hypothyroidism.